Tension, Stress & Trauma

Traffic, deadlines, arguments, meetings, projects and many others are a common thing in our every day life. We are in a world that brought constant waves of tension, stress and even trauma into ourself & our team.


The Body

All those tensions, stress & traumas are not only in our mind or emotions, but also automatically stored within our bodies. That might trigger lots of symptoms like muscle/back pains, hard to sleep, stiffness, anxiety and even causes break downs in our relationships with other people.


Some reported benefits of TRE®:

Less Worry & Anxiety

Reduces Symptoms of PTSD

More Energetic

Better Sleep

Reduced Muscle & Back Pain

Less Relationship Conflict

Increase Flexibility

Improved Relationships

And many more

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Simple & Easy

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises or TRE®
is cost-effective, simple, empowering and safe exercises that can be carried out by anyone.


Release your body's tension, trauma & stress

Find out more about TRE® with us and experience the benefits for your body.

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