TRE® Mod-2 Certification

1 Public / 4 Certification

TRE® Mod-2 Certification is about knowing and practicing how to be, to lead and to teach other people about TRE®. This certification would allow you to teach other people individually or open your own class for groups of people. It also included a deeper understanding about TRE®, the brain/nerves, all the safety and how to handle cases that might happen with clients.

It is a 3 (three) days programme, with a total of 27 (twenty seven) hours training with a Global TRE® Certification Trainer.  That would include 6 (six) TRE® group sessions within the workshop and 8 (eight) observations of you leading 4 (four) individual TRE® & 4 (four) TRE® groups after the workshop.

*all will be conducted in English.

  • 3 days training
  • 6 x in-class TRE® session.
  • 4 x after event TRE® leading individual observation.
  • 4 x after event TRE® leading group observation.
  • 1 Global TRE® Certification Trainer in-class.
  • Certified TRE® Provider in-class.
  • 8 Certified TRE® Provider in-private.
  • TRE® Mod-2 Hand-out.
  • TRE® official T-shirt.


January 17-19, 2020

M38 Building #03-05 38

Jalan Pemimpin

Singapore 577178


Training fee SGD$ 2,130

Early bird SGD$ 1,300


This is the second of two courses to be a global/international Certified TRE® Provider

This certification is only eligible if you have completed TRE® Mod-1 Training.

This training is held in collaboration with TRE® in Asia, under the management of the international foundation TRE® For All, Inc.