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About TRE®

Short Intro

An innovative approach to manage and medicate the effect of stress in our life by using body’s natural shaking and vibrating reflex mechanism. Consist of a series of physical exercise that aim to cause muscle tiredness to trigger neurogenic vibrations in our body, which allow it to reduce stress and unload tension.  

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises or TRE® is cost-effective, simple, empowering and safe exercises that can be carried out by anyone.

After understanding how this shaking or vibrating reflex in our bodies work and how to regulate it within a safe environment and what triggers it – you can practice TRE® safely on your own. TRE® is safe and meant for anyone regardless of gender, sex, age or culture.

Find out more about TRE® with us and experience the benefits for your body.

1. The Case

How does our bodies work?


Human has a natural mechanism to release stress, tension or trauma. Imagine during the prehistoric time, cavemen faced dangers such as wild animals or natural disasters. Human natural reaction towards uncomfortable or dangerous situation will usually be presented in three different types: fight, flight (run away) or freeze (not doing anything). By fight or flight, they will be able to release or the stress and tension, and will then be able to continue their daily routine. In some instances, human can ‘freeze’, not able to do anything. This usually followed by them shaking or trembling afterwards to release the tension they feel in that dangerous moment.

In modern days, the danger or stress faced by people has changed. They no longer faced wild animals (unless they venture to the jungle of course), the modern stressful situation have changed into work related stress, struggle in relationship, anxiety due to workload, uncooperative boss or co-workers, etc. In this situation, people cannot fight or flight from their bosses, for example, as there might be consequences. Children when cries in the public to stop as it is inappropriate and embarrassing. So what people do? They suppressed their stress. Many people thought that it is only affecting the body, however, turns out, the stress or trauma is also stored in our body.

What should we do with our bodies?

2. The Process

Dr David Berceli, founder of TRE® realised even though the shaking or vibrating occurs involuntarily, it can be triggered deliberately through some exercises. The exercise is based on human body somatic.To reactivate the mechanism, it usually consists of 6 exercises that aim to fatigue and activate the PSOAS muscle; hamstring, glutes, calves and quads in order to activate the natural shake or tremor response in our body to help release the stress and trauma that has been kept inside. The exercises can be modified accordingly to different body type or restriction. By shaking or vibrating, it helps unwind the muscle tension while calming and balancing the nervous system, releasing stress stored in the body.

TRE® may or may not be accompanied by emotional release, but that’s the beauty of the exercise. As we let the body lead, we may not know which part will shake or vibrates or whether people will cry or laugh with joy. Therefore, it is very normal for each person to have their own form of release. So don’t be surprised if your shake will be different from others. Some release are in a form of shaking, vibrating, quivering, trembling or flapping of body parts. Some have very specific and expressive and energetic movement while others experience a more calm and internal, such as deep pulsing or purring inside the body.


How TRE® can support our future life


Even though it is called ‘Trauma Release’ exercise, no verbal traumatic sharing or recalling past experience is necessary for the body to be able to activate this relieving mechanism. That is why many veterans or soldiers find this exercise really beneficial and helps them moving on from their traumatic experience. It also not only limited to people who have experienced ‘traumatic’ events in their life, as stress occurs daily without we realising it as a form of stress.

TRE® is developed as a sustainable self-help and self-care tool which once learned can be used when needed throughout their life. Ongoing practice of TRE® can help reduce stress and improve life quality by promoting personal wellbeing and balance. A practice for everyone regardless age, gender, background and culture, TRE® can be practiced by anyone individually or in groups anywhere.

Full Explanation of TRE®

Learn more about yourself, your body and how to enhance your life


Our body are wise beyond believe, and they have the capacity to bring us to a place of greater place of healing. TRE® or Trauma & Tension Release Exercises is an exercise developed by Dr. David Berceli, PhD. TRE® helps unload all the junks in the body. A powerful yet simple resource to fix and heal ourselves, to bring our body back to its homeostasis and balance status by reactivating the natural shaking or vibrating mechanism in our body. The exercise can be practice individually or in groups, with many positive benefits such as better sleep, less worry, stress and anxiety, reduce PTSD symptoms, reduce muscle or back pain, increase flexibility, emotional resilience, reduce stress and anxiety due to chronic disease, heal old injuries and many more.